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Even the most meticulously laid concrete floors will eventually start to fracture and deteriorate over the course of time. It’s possible that your concrete floor will chip, crack, and divot with time. By having a professional epoxy floor system installed, your concrete will be protected from the elements that could cause harm to your concrete. It will also be sealed to prevent further damage to your concrete. In addition, the epoxy floor system will provide you with a surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very easy to clean. If this is the case, a crew of highly skilled professionals can install your new gleaming surface for you while keeping it protected. 

What is epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy Flor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is fundamentally distinct from other coatings because, unlike other coatings, it mixes hardeners and polymer resins rather than just one of these components. This gives it a more durable and protective finish. When used in the proper proportions, the epoxy glue and the hardener contribute to forming a bond with the floor and one another. Two specific applications of this combination are made to the floor. 

How long will it take for the coatings to set?

Epoxy coatings can be produced with a variety of different set times, which can range from sluggish to quick. The length of the set time will affect how long it takes to complete your project, how much it will cost, and even how durable you will be. You must know the suggested time and the justifications for selecting that option.

What kind of resistance does the epoxy floor coating have against slipping?

Compared to external places such as loading docks or ramps, the slip resistance requirements for indoor areas are typically less stringent. Increasing a floor coating’s non-slip qualities can be increased by including particles in the mix. There is a wide variety of choices, but in most cases, it is not necessary for regular traffic to make use of them. If you are concerned about the lack of slide resistance, you should discuss the matter with your contractor.

Epoxy Flor Coating

Will the epoxy coating be impacted if there are any minor fractures and other imperfections in the concrete?

The patching of the concrete, which entails careful surface preparation, is the step of the installation procedure that is considered the most crucial. Due to the fact that flaws, dust, and other foreign matter could affect the integrity of your newly installed epoxy flooring, we make every effort to remedy these flaws while simultaneously reducing the amount of dust and other debris produced throughout the process. During the installation procedure, we will be able to limit the amount of dust and debris to a minimum by using cutting-edge, high-quality diamond grinding equipment in conjunction with the conscientious efforts of our highly trained staff.

Why choose us?

Dubaiepoxyflooring. We offer a wide variety of epoxy types, patterns, color schemes, and surface textures for you to pick from so that the appearance and mood of the space can be tailored to your preferences. It is possible to tailor the flooring by applying a wide variety of colors, effects, and textures, which makes it possible to cater to the tastes of each and every individual consumer. Our durable flooring surface is durable to the wear and strain produced by industrial activities, oil stains, and water damage, in addition to its cosmetic benefits. Epoxy flooring is typically installed in high-traffic, manufacturing, and commercial situations because of its low maintenance and ease of cleaning requirements.


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