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Since the floor will require very little maintenance after it has been installed, your company will be free to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of running a business once it has been completed. Epoxy is a type of composite material that is made up of a mixture of two major components that are known as hardeners and resins. Having epoxy floors in your commercial property will provide you with a floor surface that is more resistant to wear and tear. This is especially beneficial if heavy-duty machinery is run over the floor daily. You can expect your epoxy floor to have a glossy sheen, and in addition to being long-lasting, resistant to chemicals, and easy to maintain, your floor will also be slip-resistant.

What is industrial epoxy flooring?

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a floor covering typically installed in commercial and industrial establishments. The strength of an existing concrete floor can be boosted by a factor of three with the application of epoxy flooring over the top of the concrete. This coating, which is constructed of concrete that is both durable and long-lasting, has been applied to floors in industrial settings in order to make them more sturdy. 

How dangerous is it for employees and customers to walk on industrial epoxy flooring?

A responsible facility manager will always put the welfare of their employees and guests ahead of everything else on their list of priorities. A setting that is both safe and sanitary is of even greater significance in hospitals because it is there that vulnerable patients receive medical treatment. Because of this, you can have an extremely high level of confidence while working with industrial epoxy flooring.

How much is manual labor required to maintain and clean an epoxy floor?

As per your decision to use epoxy flooring, your cleaning crew will be grateful. In contrast to a tiled floor, which requires regular buffing or waxing to eliminate scuffs and stains, commercial epoxy flooring does not require extensive upkeep. As a result, employees are able to make better use of their time and contribute more to the business.

Is a tiled floor a better option than one with epoxy flooring?

Yes. Tiles have been widely considered the best option for flooring for a very long time, and we can see why. They are not only inexpensive but also easily accessible, and they offer adequate protection for a period of two to three years. However, many facilities managers are beginning to expect more from the flooring in their buildings. The process of installing tiles and grouting them takes a lot of time. If the tiles fail within the first few years, as with many tiled floors, the entire floor will need to be replaced, which will burden the facility’s budget and result in costly downtime inside the facility.

Why choose us?

Dubai Epoxy Flooring. We offer a wide variety of epoxy types, patterns, colour schemes, and surface textures for you to pick from so that the appearance and mood of the space can be tailored to your preferences. For years, our company has been installing industrial epoxy floor coverings in factories, manufacturing facilities, and a variety of other industrial complexes! Epoxy flooring’s first adopters were businesses and factories in the commercial and industrial sectors. While building a new industrial floor, we provide our customers unrestricted access to our technical help and guidance. At each stage, beginning with the design phase and continuing through the installation, we prioritise guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction and excellent service.