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High-quality production features and distinctive craftsmanship contribute to terrazzo tiles‘ ability to offer your home an intriguing, eye-catching appearance. This floor is simple to put in and gives the impression of great creativity. Additionally, it gives your interior flooring a unique appearance. The practice of adorning the floor and walls of a home or commercial organization by putting tiles is thought by archaeologists to have originated in ancient Babylon. 

Researchers who made these discoveries are consistently taken aback by the magnificent tile decorated with the surface of the hall reserved for ancient monarchs. A unique manufacturing method was applied to the creation of each individual tile. It turned out that every single particle considerably influenced the overall pattern. After taking in all of this splendor, there will not be a single generation that is able to remain untouched, and it is admirable how difficult the job is to pull off.

What are Terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo Tiles

Unlike pricey and showy materials, terrazzo tiles assist create environments that are calm and ageless. These settings are places where experiences and memories are less likely to linger. The installation of a terrazzo floor is a process that takes a significant amount of time. To be successful, a designer needs to put in the effort, make extensive plans, win over the client, and communicate with the manufacturer. Because of this and an extremely limited number of individuals making and using it, the production of mosaic and terrazzo tile has reverted back to the realm of art. This means that the designer, the manufacturer, and the workman are collaborating to produce a floor that is one-of-a-kind each time.

Is it a good idea to substitute plain concrete flooring with terrazzo tiles?

You can get the same slick, quasi-industrial style with terrazzo tiles as you would with plain concrete flooring, but with the added texture and interest of something more like a carpet. If you want, you can think of terrazzo as a concrete carpet. Terrazzo tiles are a great alternative to plain concrete flooring. Terrazzo is a fantastic material to use if you prefer the minimal or industrial appearance but want to soften the hard edges of the space. This brings up an important topic.

Can Terrazzo tiles be designed differently?

Terrazzo floors can be made from tiles or poured on-site, and the color selection and the actual floor shape and pattern can be modified to meet the requirements of even the pickiest homeowner or architect. Terrazzo floors are each one-of-a-kind, so there is no need to be concerned about finding another that is visually identical to yours. There are a wide variety of designs available for our Terrazzo flooring tiles.

Why choose us?

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