Terrazzo Flooring - Crazy Prices!


It’s most likely the terrazzo that you imagine in this space. When someone walks into a room, one of the first things they see is the floor, which can gently affect their initial perception of the area. The installation of terrazzo flooring in any area, whether residential or commercial, will give an atmosphere that is both modern and traditional at the same time. When you are next in a location that sees a lot of foot traffic, such as the lobby of an airport or an office building, make sure to inspect the floor carefully and search for any signs of debris.

What is Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is a composite material made by combining a cement base with a number of different ground materials like granite, quartz, and marble. A terrazzo surface will be produced as a consequence of this action. Floors and walls are the most typical applications for this material. Terrazzo chips can be fabricated from marble, quartz, granite, glass, or any other suitable material. 

How long does flooring make of terrazzo typically last?

Terrazzo is the only type of flooring that can match the endurance of the floors, thus, it should be your first choice. Terrazzo has an expected lifespan of around 75 years on average. Terrazzo floors can often last for more than a century because to the fact that they are constructed from recycled materials. Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, clay, and other ingredients that are combined together to produce a solid mass. Concrete is the substance that is used to make concrete.

Tiles or Terrazzo—which one is less expensive?

When compared side by side, the cost of ceramic tile is generally far more reasonable than that of terrazzo flooring. For instance, if you want to give your living space a touch of sophistication, you may choose to install high-end marble or granite worktops on your kitchen or bathroom vanity. If you like to keep things uncomplicated, an uncomplicated ceramic tile floor can be a good choice.

Is the cost of terrazzo higher than that of granite?

The terrazzo flooring installation can give the appearance of luxury at a fraction of the cost of marble or granite floors. Terrazzo is the flooring material considered to be the industry standard in commercial and residential structures. Terracotta is produced by combining different types of clay with sand and resin. It is a long-lasting material that is simple to work with and can be repurposed for various applications, such as furniture, wall coverings, and ornamental elements. Because the clay and sand are combined in a way that enables them to be easily broken down into smaller bits, the product is able to withstand wear and tear for an extended period of time. In addition to its use in manufacturing paints, varnishes, and adhesives, the resin is responsible for imparting a smooth and glossy finish to the surface.

Why choose us?

Dubai Epoxy Flooring. Terrazzo flooring is the most luxurious of all of the resin flooring options available, and it is part of our fantastic assortment of flooring patterns. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can offer your Terrazzo floor a one-of-a-kind appearance and a very individual feel. We can create a one-of-a-kind design for a Terrazzo floor using a template to obtain a crisp, contrasting end result. This will allow us to construct a unique pattern for the floor. A company logo or some other kind of graphic could be incorporated into this design. You also have the option of applying staining during the process of honing, which, if applied appropriately, may be utilized to generate amazing artwork or brand logos that will last a lifetime.